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Assessment and Advice

An Assessment and Advice appointment usually lasts from 60 - 90 minutes depending on the complexity of the problem. This appointment will involve taking a detailed case history and will include assessments appropriate to your symptoms.

Following this, there will be opportunity to discuss the nature of your disorder and all the options available to you regarding treatment, if it is required. Referrals to other professionals may be necessary and will be discussed at this appointment.

If appropriate for your condition, you will also be advised on any lifestyle changes that may be helpful in alleviating your symptoms and these will be discussed in detail at your consultation.

The fee for your assessment includes any reports written to your referrer and GP, together with any further telephone/email support that you may require following your assessment.

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Online Consultations

Online consultations can be provided for both assessment and treatment of a wide variety of speech and voice disorders. Although it is always preferable for the initial assessment to be conducted face-to-face, if this is not possible there are many occasions where this can be carried out successfully through video consultation, depending on the nature of the problem. There are certain conditions which cannot be reliably assessed or treated via an online platform, in particular complex swallowing problems or those whereby manual therapy is required, but every case is considered according to individual need. 

Assessment and Advice


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Following Assessment and Advice you will be advised whether further treatment would be beneficial. Sometimes regular sessions of therapy may be needed over a number of weeks, but there are occasions whereby one or two sessions of treatment are all that are required to learn a new technique or set of exercises.

For voice disorders, Laryngeal Manual Therapy and Myofascial Release may be offered, either as one-off treatments to relieve vocal tract discomfort and the effects of muscle tension dysphonia, or as part of a programme of regular treatment.

Where a block of treatment sessions has been arranged, there will be exercises or tasks to complete in between appointments to ensure that the new skills are learnt effectively. Treatment sessions usually last between 30 - 60 minutes depending on individual need.


Training for Professional Voice Users

Professional voice users, such as teachers, call centre workers and public speakers, can frequently suffer from voice problems and yet few people in these professions receive adequate training in how to care for their voices.

Standard packages of training for professional voice users include a one-hour training session on how to look after your voice, or a two-hour training session incorporating a practical workshop. The practical workshop covers a variety of skills that are needed to encourage safe and effective voice use in the workplace.

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Bespoke training packages can also be arranged according to your company's needs. Please send an enquiry detailing your requirements.

Training for Professional Voice Users


Private Health Insurance

Some Private Health Care Insurers will pay for Speech & Language Therapy services but this will often depend on whether the referral has been made by a Consultant and the type of disorder that is being addressed. It is important to check your individual policy before arranging treatment, if you intend to claim from your health insurance provider.


You can receive a copy of the current terms and conditions with an up-to-date list of fees by email request. Request a copy >

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