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Training for Professional Voice Users

Voice problems such as hoarseness, fatigue and throat discomfort are frequently found amongst those who are required to use their voices regularly at work. Common sufferers include teachers, lecturers, preachers, call centre workers, actors, singers, and public speakers.

Preventing these problems in professional voice users is easier than trying to deal with the problem once it arises, and yet many training establishments do not include voice care as part of their training.

In particular, teachers are often poorly equipped to deal with the heavy demands on their voice that teaching requires, which can lead to unnecessary damage to the vocal cords and time off work.


Training Packages

Training can be tailor-made to your requirements and the nature of the profession, but standard packages are available as follows:

Voice Care and Education for Professional Voice Users

1 hour (Up to 30 participants)

  • How your voice works

  • How to care for your voice

  • Strategies to prevent vocal abuse in the workplace

  • How to recognise potential voice problems and when to seek advice

Practical Workshop* - Using your Voice Effectively and Safely in the Workplace

1 hour (Up to 20 participants)

  • Achieving good breath support for voice

  • Projecting your voice safely

  • Exercises to reduce muscle tension in the throat

* The Practical Workshop can only be offered to participants who have already attended the Voice Care session.

Voice Care and Practical Workshop Combined

2 hours (Up to 20 participants)

For further details of the training and an up-to-date price list, please submit an enquiry.

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